Application Form

CES 2021, January 6 – 9, Las Vegas


The Package includes

  • Show preparation Booth presence further up including individual market flash, or Business partners or investors landscape overview, pitch contest training US-style, market entry video, EEN Matchmaking

  • Entry in the official CES online directory and the Swiss online exhibitor directory

  • Swisstech Pavilion service package incl. use of hospitality zone, cleaning, power supply, organizational support

  • Participation in the Swisstech Night with one representative

  • Inclusion in communication prior and during CES

  • Booth presence: 1 spot at a large co-working table including 1 iPad to present your product/company (no TV screens or space for such included)


CHF 6,500 (incl. VAT)*

CHF 7,000 (incl. VAT)*

* Individual options for financial support might exist, kindly contact us for details.

Please note that the prices above do not include flights, accommodation, meals etc. All prices include VAT.


Due to the actual COVID-19 situation we are evaluating various options about the Swiss CES 2021 participation. Your application will be binding in case CES 2021 and the Swisstech Pavilion will take place as planned. If not, you will have the option to change your participation into a new format (digital/virtual) or to cancel. We will stay in close contact with you and keep you informed.

Registration deadline: August 7th, 2020 (Early bird) / September 4th (regular)

Entry criteria Eureka Park

In order to be eligible to exhibit at CES, the following criteria must be met:

  • The technology displayed must be applicable to the consumer technology space: If you dream that your technology would benefit consumers one day, then you belong in Eureka Park.

  • If a company has launched their first product, it must have been launched on or after January 1, 2020. Any startups with products that launched before this date will not be considered.

  • Crowdfunding campaigns, pre-orders and beta stage are allowed.

  • Your product or service must be innovative with the potential to make a profound impact on the market.

  • The technology must be demonstrable as a prototype or software mockup; no paper or concept entries. 

  • You must display finished goods and under their own brand name(s) rather than as an OEM or ODM. 

  • Must be a first-time exhibitor.

  • Eureka Park alumni companies may be considered for a second year as long as all other criteria apply.

  • Startups are limited to a maximum of (2) years in Eureka Park


CTA (Consumer Technology Association) reserves the right to cancel exhibitors who do not adhere to these entry criteria and/or the terms and conditions on the space contract.

Key selection criteria #swisstech at CES 2021

  • Science or tech based firm, headquartered in Switzerland

  • Clear strategy of the internationalization for the US market 

  • (Growing) market potential and appropriateness of the stage of development

Spots at the Swisstech Pavilion are limited and a jury will select the participating start-ups.

Start-up Information

Please write a 2-3-line description of your company that we can share with our network. It will also be used for email introductions.


Contact information

Kindly answer the following questions. Please use a maximum of 300 words each.

Is your company incorporated?

If so, please give founding date and registration location / trade register number.

Short description of the company status

(e.g. development stage, financial situation, marketing, regulation & IP, founding team & advisors)

Short description of your potential market and addressable market size

(e.g. B2B / B2C, sales model, price points & margins, primary costs & revenue streams)

Describe your 3 business priorities for the next year

How would you benefit from taking part in the trade fair?

Who would be participating at the trade fair?

Define 3 realistic and measurable milestones you believe you can reach due to taking part in the fair.

This form will be sent to Corinne Bachmann, Project Manager Trade Fairs/Start-ups at Switzerland Global Enterprise. Please send her also your 1 min video pitch (why CES and why should the jury select you) and a one pager with your Executive Summary. Corinne is also available for further information and questions regarding the trade fair (, T +41 44 365 54 60).


By signing this form, I confirm that I will pay my (self-)costs directly to S-GE until 31.10.2020 if I will get selected. Terms and conditions as per apply.

Swisstech Campaign in 2020

Consumer Electronics Show,

Las Vegas, USA.

BIO International Convention, 

San Diego, USA.

Consumer Electronics Show,

Shanghai, China.

Annual tech
and startup event,

Paris, France.

Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, 

Tokyo, Japan.

Annual technology conference,

 Lisbon, Portugal.

Annual startup

and tech event, 

Helsinki, Finland

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