An autonomous Swiss robot ensures safety

ROVéo autonomous agile robot for security patrol

Security workers on industrial sites are often put in high-risk environments, especially in areas outside of factories. The autonomous agile robot ROVéo optimally monitors industrial plants to prevent humans from being exposed to such situations

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The prototype of the start-up Rovenso is a true all-rounder when it comes to security: it can autonomously detect intruders, locate a source of fire and carry out night-time patrols. It has already attracted the interest of major players in the security industry at home and abroad. "We are working with several major service providers and plan to bring ROVéo to market by 2022," says Thomas Estier, director of the EPFL spin-off founded in 2016.

ROVéo can patrol outside industrial sites

ROVéo autonomous robot can patrol outside industrial sites.

Patented technology for autonomous surveillance

Based on a unique, patented technology inspired by robots used in space exploration, ROVéo can swiftly tackle rough terrain, steps and stairs by simply adapting to their shape. It is ideal to monitor security inside and outside big industrial sites. A unique feature of the robot is its capability to independently patrol facilities by choosing its own routes and reporting instantly to staff whenever it detects an irregularity. ROVéo is also able to detect any anomalies in the factory itself thanks to its fusion of multi-modal sensors that combine 3D laser scanning, night vision, thermal vision and acoustic analysis to detect intrusions, gas leaks or early stages of fire.

Protection from coronavirus transmission

After the COVID-19 lock-down, Rovenso adapted its ROVéo robot and equipped it with a UVC disinfection system in just 3 weeks in order to ensure the safe return of the staff of its lead investor, Nivalis Group, to the Technology Park Le Vivier. The robot uses its 3D mapping capabilities to precisely analyse its environment and execute its disinfection mission, focusing UVC rays on areas frequently touched by people, such as desks, handles and workshops.

Global interest for Rovenso

Rovenso’s prototypes have already made quite a splash worldwide since its incorporation in 2016 by the former researcher in field and space robotics at EPFL, Thomas Estier. It completed a CHF 2.3 million funding round led by Swiss Nivalis Group and the global venture capital fund Sean O’Sullivan Ventures in 2019 and is backed by various Swiss and international programmes such as Venture Leaders, EFPL Innovation Grant, Innosuisse and the pan-European acceleration programme Robot-Union.

Most recently, Rovenso represented Swiss innovation at the Swiss Pavilion at Viva Tech 2021 in Paris, the largest European start-up and technology event.

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