Using air and water to create a clean and efficient energy storage system

clean energy

A new system combines heat/cold generation and electricity storage with the help of compressed air tanks, making green electricity available around the clock.

There is no doubt that renewable energies are the future. However, there is still a lack of cost-effective, sustainable electricity storage systems to make energy available around the clock.

Battery and heat pump combined in one device

Green-Y, a Swiss start-up founded in 2020, has developed a compressed air power storage unit that can heat and cool, combining the functions of a battery and a heat pump in a single device. Unlike batteries, the system does not rely on rare raw materials that are often harmful to the climate.

We use air and water in our systems, which leads to a long service life and makes the system 100% recyclable.

Rafik Barhoumi, Co-Founder & CEO Green-Y Energy AG

Huge market potential

The Solar Impulse Foundation has awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label to the young Bern-based company for its eco-innovative solution. The product's high potential is also backed up by a research study conducted by Global Market Insights, which claims that the market for energy storage systems will cross a valuation of USD 3.5 billion by 2032.


Compressed air storage system as a basis

In a residential building, the Green-Y system stores the electricity from solar panels and provides heat for hot water and heating as well as cold for cooling. Thus, solar electricity is used efficiently, self-consumption increases and energy costs decrease. The principle behind it is based on a compressed air storage system. The compression of air allows electricity to be stored and generates heat at the same time. When electricity is generated, the filled compressed air tanks are relieved, creating cold. The combination of the electricity and heat sectors solves the problem of energy storage in an intelligent and sustainable way. For users, the company promises substantial savings in energy costs, which should mean that expenditure is recouped within five years.

With this combination, costs can be decisively reduced and efficiency increased.

Dominik Schnarwiler, Co-Founder & COO

First pilot project

The recently constructed Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel/Bienne was the first building to integrate Green-Y's compressed air storage technology in 2021. Boosting solar energy self-consumption and delivering renewable heat and cold has helped to increase the sustainability and profitability of the building.

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